So, a couple of weeks back the car enthusiast website “Cars Yeah” reached out. They were aware of “Drivin’ News” and asked to interview me for a podcast. Yes, absolutely came my reply.

You can access the podcast and the “Cars Yeah” website by clicking on the “Cars Yeah” link.

Subsequently, the events surrounding that interview and my conversations with “Cars Yeah” host and founder Mark Greene, brought forward simmering back burner thoughts about what I call Life 2.0.

More than the next chapter, it’s the next book – Life 2.0


A passionate automotive enthusiast Mark departed a corporate experience he enjoyed to create a web presence focusing on what he loved.

Twenty years after helping to launch Griot’s Garage he concluded his tenure as president of the company. He had taken pleasure in his work. He wore many hats. “I scoured the automotive world looking for quality products to expand Griot’s offerings,” says Mark. He immersed himself in developing the line of car care products while at Griot’s. “I’m a nutcase when it comes to keeping my cars clean,” he says. After Hurricane Sandy devastated the Northeast in 2012 you may remember Mark in Hagerty Magazine explaining how to deal with a vehicle’s exposure to salt water. However, all things, good or otherwise, come to an end.

With Griot’s Garage in his taillights that “book of life” with its many chapters had come to a close. What to do?

For some with careers approaching closure the question of “what next” lies ahead on a visible horizon. For others “what next” looms close enough for them to feel its breath on their face.

Feeling the breath on his face, Mark, while walking with his adult son, asked, “what should I do?” The son responded, “You’ve taken me to car events my entire life. You can’t walk past a car without stopping and talking to the owner. You ask questions about their car, their life, and their passions. There’s your answer. It’s what you love. You should start a podcast.” Like standing a foot from a billboard, sometimes we are too close to see the answer in front of us.

Over six years have passed since Mark embarked on his Mark 2.0 adventure. His plan called for energizing automotive enthusiasts and enthusiasm by inter­viewing Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts (The Cars Yeah mantra) and sharing their stories of success. Today a visit to Mark’s “Cars Yeah” website reveals over 1600 interviews with the likes of Keith Martin, Kyle Petty, Lyn St. James, Bruce Meyer, Don Garlits and Bobby Rahal. Of all the features on the site a favorite of mine offers book recommendations by each of the 1600 plus guests. To see guest recommended books click here.

While appreciating that a person’s location on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs affords different degrees of freedom, the counsel to incorporate what you naturally love into the work that you do should not be considered a luxury but a worth goal.

Learning Mark’s story of new beginnings with its similarities to my own, resonated with my efforts to construct Burton 2.0. Reducing the scope of my business did not reduce my desire to actively connect, create and produce. Covid-19 of all things provided a window of opportunity. An energetic and highly social classic vehicle community has found itself isolated by the strictures of shelter-in-place. By focusing my natural love for storytelling, Drivin’ News aims to be a sanctuary where people can visit to enjoy things they are missing and be reminded that these things will be there when we return.

For all of us who feel the breath of profound change on our face, regardless of age or place in life, taking the time to identify what we naturally love to do can set the cornerstone for building the future we desire.